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There is no better time to migrate to Canada! - Know more about the skilled immigrants (Express Entry) Program.

Now is the best time to migrate to Canada on an Express Entry. In January 2015, Canada introduced a new migration program, Express Entry process skilled immigrant program.

New Canada Immigration - What you need to know:

  • Unlike before when it takes 2 years to migrate to Canada, now it takes just 6 months.
  • Applicants will still be assessed on their - English and/or French language skills, education, work experience, and other criteria. [If you think you do not have work experience, or information about meeting the requirement please contact us]
  • Now applicants can put their name in a pool. If an applicant is selected he/she can then apply for the Permeant Resident.
  • Applicants need to follow a process to put their name in the pool. Law and Visas do this for you.
  • Based on each applicant’s profiles and other factors, applicants will be ranked against others in the pool. The important trick here is to submit a profile that enables you to be competitive and outrank other competitors in the pool. [Law and Visas help applicants rank high in the pool, thus increasing chances of been selected.
  • Chosen applicants will then be requested to apply for invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residence. Thus the initial process of the pool submission is extremely crucial. Law and Visas can help you with the pool submission process.
  • Applicants can apply with all your family member.
  • Law and Visas can save you the stress and help you with this important process.

What Next:

This process can be complicated. Law and Visas can help you with the whole process. We have many years of the experience and technical know-how in providing migrant visas and general immigration services. We also partner with leading Law firms in Canada in processing migration visas.

The services we will provide you:

  1. Canada Immigration advice.
  2. Eligibility Assessment and review.
  3. Help process pool submission.
  4. Select the best Canada immigration program for you
  5. Improve your chances of being selected for ITA.
  6. Review of application documents.
  7. Get regular information on the developing immigration updates.

Apply for Canada Permanent Residence Visa through Law and Visas.

Applying for a visa can be very stressful and demanding. Let the professionals do it for you. We have the experience and technical ability to help you get a Canada Permanent Residence Visa. We will do all the processing for you. Law and Visas is a leading Immigration Law firm in Nigeria.

These are the benefits of employing Law and Visas to process your Canada Permanent Residence Visa application:

  • We will handle all your application process with no stress.
  • You will get quality and professional service.
  • We process your application fast without delay.
  • We assign you one on one Immigration Lawyer.
  • You have direct access to a dedicated Immigration Lawyer for your case.
  • You get support from our customer care team providing you regular updates with your case.
  • We will provide you with the best and quality immigration advice.
  • We will provide you the requirement specific for your case and purpose of your travel.
  • We provide you a tailor-made service.
  • We will tell you your success rate.
  • We will increase your chances of getting you your Canada Permanent Residence Visa We provide you immigration and travel support after you get your visa.

List of Services we Offer you:

Here are the list of services we would provide you.

  • Immigration advisory
  • Identifying required documents
  • Document checks
  • Filling the Application form
  • Scheduling appointment
  • Application verification
  • Legal submission – (if needed)
  • Service Review & debriefing on your case
  • Post Visa – Immigration advisory.

Contact Law and Visas visa application team:

Tel: 08181547085; 08125505986; 07051278066
Our Address: Plot 334 Adeyemo Akapo Street Omole Phase 1 Ojodu Lagos.


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