Steps for US Visa Interview at the US Embassy

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You are required to arrive at the US embassy at the date and time your appointment was scheduled. Individuals who has incomplete forms will not be attended to. Individuals who require special needs are required to contact the embassy 2 days before the interview date so arrangement for assistance will be made.



Get to the consulate

You may be required to stand in a queue outside the embassy when you get to the consulate for your interview, this is because only visa applicants may enter the embassy. Before you are admitted into the consulate, you will need to show your original passport, appointment letter, and Visa application fee receipt to the security staff.

Electronic equipment, cell phones, bags, sprays, perfumes, liquids, backpacks, bottles, food, sealed envelopes, sealed packages, and dangerous items are not allowed inside the consulate. There is no available space to keep these prohibited items, if they are brought, you may have to dispose them. Water and bathrooms are available inside the consulate.

  STEP 2

Security check at consulate

When you enter the embassy, you will go through a security check, which may include a full body metal detector scan.

  STEP 3

Fingerprint verification for visitor visa

After the security check you will be given a token for your interview. You will then go for the fingerprint verification process. An officer will take your fingerprints to verify the fingerprints taken at the Visa Application Center (VAC).

  STEP 4

Waiting area

After fingerprinting, you will be required to be seated in the waiting lounge area. Your documents should be ready and kept at hand. When your name is called, you will be asked to go to a particular window number. Move towards the window, greet the interviewer with a smile, and follow the instructions that will be given to you by the interviewer.

  STEP 5

Visitor visa interview

The interviewer will be behind a window, you will be able to speak through a microphone. A speaker is provided through which you can hear the interviewer. A space below the window will let you give your documents to the interviewer when asked.

The interviewer may ask questions and check your documents. Answer truthfully and confidently. Answer only the questions you are asked. The aim of the interview is to check if all information presented in the application is correct and to make sure that you are eligible for the visa.


If your application is approved, you will know immediately. The officer will say "Your visa is approved". Your passport will usually be delivered to your mailing address by courier within 3-4 business days.

  STEP 6

If your visa is denied

If your visa is denied or put on hold, you will be informed. You will be able to pick up your passport after the interview.

Unable to attend US visitor visa interview?

Applicants who do not appear for their US visitor visa interview appointment are "No-Show" applicants.

If you are a No-Show applicant, your visitor visa fee receipt will be deactivated. You will need to wait for two working days, after the scheduled interview date, for your visa fee receipt to be reactivated, before scheduling a new interview appointment.

The visitor visa application fee receipt is valid for 1 year from the date of payment and requires you to go to the Embassy / Consulate for visa interview at once. So as long as you reschedule your interview within 365 days, the same visa application fee can be used.

If there has been a significant change in your situation (e.g. travel plans, employment), a new DS-160 needs to be filled. The saved version should be used to update your information and submit the new form. This will create a new CEAC barcode. Schedule a new appointment on USTravelDocs website with a valid US visa application fee receipt, and follow the same steps you used in scheduling the previous appointment.

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