L-1 Visa - Temporary Work Visa for Intracompany Transferee

Law and Visas process US L-1 Visa - Temporary Work Visa

The L-1 Visa is a US Visa category that allows you to work in a US Company affiliate, branch or parent company. You must show that you have worked for the foreign subsidiary for 1 year in the last 3 years. The applicant travelling to the US must be employed in a managerial position and it must be demonstrated that he/she has a specialised knowledge in the position in which he/she would be employed in the US.

Apply for L-1 Work Visa with Law and Visas:

Applying for a visa can be very stressful and demanding. Let the professionals do it for you. We have the experience and technical ability to help you get a US L1 Work Visa. We will do all the processing for you. Law and Visas is a leading Immigration Law firm in Nigeria.

These are the benefits of employing Law and Visas to process your United States L1 Work Visa application:

  • We will handle all your application process with no stress.
  • You will get quality and professional service.
  • We will provide you with quality immigration advice.
  • We will provide you the requirement specific for your case and purpose of your visit.
  • In general we will increase your chances of getting you your America L1 Work Visa

List of Services we Offer you:

Here are the list of services we would provide you.

  • Immigration advisory
  • Identifying required documents
  • Document checks
  • Filling the Application form
  • Application verification
  • Legal submission – (if needed)
  • Service Review & debriefing on your case
  • Post Visa – Immigration advisory.

Contact Law and Visas visa application team:

Tel: 08181547085; 08125505986; 07051278066
Email: Info@lawandvisas.com
Our Address: Plot 334 Adeyemo Akapo Street Omole Phase 1 Ojodu Lagos.


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