How to move to South Africa

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South Africa has a low cost of living, beautiful climate and unspoiled beaches and these are some of the things that draw migrants to this country. Most popular cities in this country are Cape Town and Johannesburg. The incredible scenery and outdoor lifestyle that comes with the South African countryside is also an attraction to immigrants.

South Africa is has diverse cultures and languages. It is located at the southernmost part of Africa, it is surrounded by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and it has a temperate climate.

The country is a middle-income country as classified by the United Nations. It has well-developed financial, legal, communications and energy systems which makes it incredibly appealing to entrepreneurs, investors, businesses and people on retirement visas.

Finding the Right South Africa Solution for You

The South African visa given to an immigrant who wants to move to South Africa for permanent residence is issued within 30 days.

South African immigration turns visa applications around quickly because the processes have been simplified so that each application is reviewed on an individual basis, taking into consideration the local labor market and meeting requirements.

Types of Visas

Business visas

This kind of visa is suitable for individuals who want to run and own a business in South Africa Applicant has to provide proof of entrepreneurial skills, and funds to start or invest in a business in South Africa.

Work Visas

Some skills and experience are currently in shortage in South Africa and individuals with these skills are issued this kind of visas to come to South Africa. Some of these skills are: IT, engineering, finance and auditing.

There are different types of Work Permit and it is advisable to apply for the one that best suits you and you meet all the requirements. Types of Work Permit include the Quota Work Permit, General Work Permit, Exceptional Skills Work Permit, and Intra-Company Transfer Work Permit. There are other options such as the Corporate Permit and Business Permit, but they are not strictly speaking Work Permits. It is advisable to speak to an expert to find out which one is suitable for you.

Spouse and Life Partner Visas

This is a type of visa available for those in a permanent relationship with a South African citizen or permanent resident. Spousal Visas are very similar to those for other countries but Life Partner Visas don’t have a minimum time period required for the relationship, you only need to prove that it is serious and lasting.

Retirement Visas

Retirees find South Africa a very favorable country to go because they wish to live in a warm, beautiful country with a low cost of living.

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