Guide to US Visa Interview in Nigeria

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Individuals who are 80 years and above are exempted from visa interviews.

Children below 14 years are to come to the embassy for the interview with their parents. In cases where one of the parent cannot attend the interview, the absent parent should write a letter to the parent attending stating that he/she does not object to the child’s visa application.

Do not arrive late for your appointment. You should get there at least 15 minutes early. Bags and briefcases are not allowed inside the consulate. Just take with you a plastic carry bag in which your things are. The Consular Section doesn’t open on American and local Holidays.

Friends, relatives or business partners are not allowed into the consulate to intervene on behalf of the applicant during the interview. If there are important information to be passed, the individual should relate it to the applicant to tell the consular in person.

At the consulate, you are expected to be checked at the security point, deposit your passport and other required documents at the window. A token number will be issued to you. You are then expected to take a seat and wait to be called to the interview booth when your name and your token number are called.

Depending on your visa category and citizenship you will be charged for visa issuance fee 


  • You should convince the consular officer that you qualify for the visa you are applying for. For individuals going for tourism, you should know the places you are visiting, if on business visa, you should know the company you are going to work for and you should be working there for at least a year and also have experience in that field. If applying for a student visa, you should be able to speak proper English, have enough money to support your education and your stay in the US. Generally, applicants should understand all processes and why each document is required.
  • You should have all required documents at hand when you approach the counter windows outside the Consular Section. 
  • Folders or sealed envelopes should not be pushed through any of the counter windows outside or inside the Consular Section. 
  • If you are coming back to the Consular Section because of a 221g visa denial, all you need to do is to join the queue to enter the building and ask at the counter windows outside the Consular Section how to proceed. 
  • Only valid and legitimate documents are required. Fraud or misrepresentation can result in permanent ineligibility for a U.S. visa. 
  • Your ability to provide the require documents does not guarantee your being issued a visa
  • Decision on eligibility of visa by the consular officer depends on the oral visa interview.
  • Required supporting documents are only shown when asked for by the Consular Officer. 
  • Unless requested, photocopy of required documents are not necessary.
  • Do not be rude to the consular officer, make sure you behave well and speak in a good manner during the interview. Do not humiliate, yell or get angry at the consular officer. Even if the consular officer is rude or wrong just stay calm and respect the officer. Even if your visa is rejected, do not make any bad comments. Do not display any bad behavior, the consular officer could win your file write in your file and the next consular officer will see it when next you apply and this might affect and work against you.
  • Being arrested and/or convicted in the US in the past can affect your eligibility for a non-immigrant visa. Police report and court records should be provided relating to your arrest.
  • If your U.S. visa has ever been cancelled, you should bring Form I-275 (Withdraw of Application/Consular Notification) or any other document that was given to you when your visa was cancelled. 
  • In case of lost or stolen US visa, a police report stating details of loss or theft should be provided.

Visa Refusal:
In this case, you will be told you are not eligible for the visa and your passport and other documents are handed back to you and you may appeal or reapply.

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