List of Documents needed from US sponsor to visit the United States

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The following documents are sent from the person who is sponsoring his/her relatives or friends who are visiting the United States. These documents should be sent to the person whom you are sponsoring not to the US Embassy. Documents should be completed and legible. Send typed documents to avoid confusion. Most current documents are to be sent.

There should be separate I-134 forms for each person if you are sponsoring more than one person at the same time (such as both parents). However, one set of supporting documents can be sent for both of them.

•    Form I-134: Affidavit of Support Form
There should be evidence to show that you can support your relatives financially while they are in the U.S. An "Affidavit of Support form” I-134 is filled for that purpose. One form should be filled for each applicant. Some consulates allows one I-134 form if you are applying for a family (such as parents, in-laws etc.). But you can still provide one for every one to be on a safe side. There is no need for notarization.

Guide to filling the I-134 form

•    Employment Letter
Statement from your employer on business stationary showing:
o    Date and nature of employment
o    Salary paid
o    Whether position is temporary or permanent
There should be one original for each applicant

•    Pay Slips

Recent pay slips. 3 or 4 slips should be enough.

•    Bank Letter
Letter from your Bank on their business stationary, giving the following details:
o    Date account opened
o    Total amount deposited for the past year
o    Present balance
o    Average balance last year
There should be one original for each applicant

The letter can be addressed to "To Whom It May Concern".

Preparation should be made earlier as some banks take a long time to provide such letters

•    Bank Statements
Bank statements for the last 6 months should be sent with a good balance at for the last 6 months at least. Money should not be deposited into the account the day before to show a big balance, withdrawal should be done the next day. Your financial strength is shown by the availability of this money so as to support the individuals you are sponsoring. There is no specific guideline how much money you should have in the bank but it should be enough to take care of all expenses. $5,000/person should be appropriate
•    Letter to the Consulate
This is the letter written to show that you can take care of their expenses in the US. It should be addressed to the US consulates your relatives will be visiting.

•    Invitation Letter
The letter of invitation should be in free format and should be formal. It should explain how you intend to accommodate them in your house and take them around to see places in the US.

A single letter is enough for both parents. You can send the translation of the letter in your native language If your relatives don't understand English, because the consular officer may question the fact that your parents did not read the letter.

•    Income Tax Documents
If you do not have copies of last 3 years of income tax returns and W2s, you can request for the transcripts from the IRS using a Form 4506. Don't include state income tax returns. Send the tax returns for the years you have, if you have not been in the U.S. in the last 3 years

If you did not file a tax return, an explanation should be written describing why you had no legal duty to file the return. You should submit an evidence if you filed a late or amended tax return.

Self-employment schedules filed with income tax returns or financial records such as a bank statement for the business accounts should be included if you are self-employed.

•    Identification, Relationship and Legal Status Documents
o    If you are a non-U.S. citizen:
a.    Original Birth Certificate but if you are sponsoring your in-laws, your spouse's Original birth certificate is required
b.    Copies of pages of both old and new passport is required including blank pages.
c.    Also, the proof of legal status:
i.    If you are on an H1 or L1, copy of latest H1/L1 visa approval notice (I-797 Notice of Action)
ii.    If you are at an adjustment of status (I-485 stage), you may need to send copies of the I-485 receipt, EAD card and Advanced Parole.
iii.    Photocopy of renewed position if your visa has expired, but has a renewed petition,
iv.    Proof of green card should be provided if you are a legal permanent resident in the USA

v.    Proof of US citizenship should be provided if you are a US citizen

•    Legal Status of Siblings
If parents have more than one child in the U.S., proof of legal status of all children should be sent including all documents described above from the sponsor child.

•    Spouse Documents
If you are sponsoring your in laws, photocopies of all pages including blank pages of your spouse's passport and your marriage certificate should be provided.

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