Why can't I do my Visa application myself

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Visa application

Can You Secure Approval On Your Own?


An approved client of ours told us about her acquaintance who almost cried a river upon receiving his refusal letter. Both of them were applying for a UK fiancé visa. Yet, only one was permitted to enter the UK.

There is nothing wrong with applying a visa on your own. Evidently, it is more practical because you do not have to address additional expenses. However, should you resort to the do-it-yourself approach, how confident are you in ensuring your approval? How would you know if you have completed all the documents?

Visa Approval

It is a well-known fact that visa applications are very risky. Even the ones who have presented more than what is required can still be refused. Much the dangers of the visa procedures can be attributed to the following:

  • Confusing application form – Many of the clients that we helped find the application form too confusing and problematic. It is common to see unanswered questions. When asked why they skipped those fields—clients would always give this answer “I do not know what to put.” Others, however, were denied mainly because they committed minor mistakes such as forgetting to put the correct zip number. These may be simple errors, but these are enough to trigger a denial. To avoid repeating the same mistakes, we supervise and guide each client as they go through about it.
  • The supporting documents – A lot of times, supporting documents are not readily enumerated by the embassy. Unfortunately, only the general requirements are produced by the applicants. Supporting papers are not only important, they also strengthen the application—which, in many cases, applicants fail to deliver.
  • The changing immigration law – Immigration law frequently changes, which makes visa application procedures even more confusing and tedious. Yet, many applicants are unaware of these modifications, which, in return, prevent them from satisfying the conditions set forth by the visa.
  • Failure to customize their documents based on their personal circumstances – To strengthen the application, all the papers that you present must be based on your current situation. For example, if you are unemployed and you presented an employment certificate, this would inevitably create doubt and suspicion. If you have assets, but it is not under your name, then, it could barely help your application. We encountered a client before whose previous UK fiancé visa application was rejected. When we looked closely into her case, we found out that her previous marriage was not annulled and that she was simply legally separated. But the visa  clearly states both parties should be free to marry. Therefore, her application does not only lack merit. It also contradicts the provisions observed by the visa she was applying for.

Indeed, you can perform visa applications on your own. Nevertheless, seeking expert assistance is still, highly recommended. Frequent denials are expensive too. In addition, denial records, will definitely affect future applications.


Article by Virgilie Dee Basug from  manilavisa


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